Figuring out the next steps in your team's quality journey with QPAM

August 16, 2023     Janet Gregory, Lisa Crispin
quality, QPAM     Learning and Improvement, Quality

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Since you’re reading this blog post, we hope you and your team are getting engaged in testing activities throughout the holistic testing loop. (And if you aren’t familiar with it yet, please check out our posts on the holistic testing model.) We often hear from practitioners who want to improve their quality practices, but aren’t sure where to start. How’s your team doing now? What should you try to improve next?


A good next step is to do a quality practices assessment using the QPAM model. Check out the latest episode of our Donkeys & Dragons video chat to find out more. In this episode, Janet switches from co-host to guest! She and Selena Delesie answer Lisa’s questions about their Quality Practices Assessment Model (QPAM).


When you watch this 18 minute episode, you’ll learn how they came up with this new model. They explain how teams can use QPAM to understand where they are in their quality journey. The conversation includes some of the many benefits of QPAM, as well as an overview of their books about it.


The “Assessing Agile Practices with QPAM: Enabling Teams to Improve” ebook is available now on LeanPub.